Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Social media marketing is going to very popular and useful strategy on the current time. But as consumer preferences shift, it will be challenging to keep up with the largest platforms for the industry—and even more challenging to accomplish other strategies for each. With the essential move on Facebook spending as low as 2-3 percent, it’s no surprise that marketers are disappointed by their participation rates. But when you send things on Instagram, more of the followers are expected to believe it.

As a result, many brands understand how to best use Instagram to grow their business. This is a huge benefit, particularly when you think that some marketers today have paid advertising features on Facebook just to make their posts in front of their own followers. While Facebook is even predominantly the most widely used social media platform for commerce with the amount of 93 percent of marketers utilizing it.

Instagram is so huge to building a social network with people solely through visual elements.

That is powerful and sustainable. Instagram also gets a bunch of untapped potentials. With just about 36 percent of marketers on Instagram, the campaign on this platform may really be one of the responses on how to go over the competition. Make note that 70 percent of the users look up the brand on Instagram while 62 percent follow these brands.

If you want to start a business or already running a business that instagram can be the most easy way to reach your targeted customer. For luxurious and fashionable products, Instagram is best place to engage with target audience. Because most of the Instagram users are young generation and they carry different personality from facebook users.


There are so many strategies belonging from human psychology that can be used on marketing. A statistics says that 80% of people remember what they see while only 20% remember what they read. Facebook audit says, video reached 60% more than picture or article on running ads. That’s why we also use 5-10 secshort video to draw attention of people. It is clean and clear. Our have collection of sutterstock premium pro video templates and 1M+ background music. We can make any short advertise for your items.

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